Munchin Re-Brand

Munchin has now been launched in the canteens of 165 primary schools in Kirklees in an effort to encourage children to eat healthily. Many corridors and canteens have been updated and children and parents have been given letters, leaflets, postcards and menus illustrated with the new Munchin brand. The project is ongoing so we’ll keep you posted on Munchin progress!

Logo Identity Design
This is the chosen logo identity – the children themselves were part of the judging panel!


Brand Development
Meet some of the Munchin team who’ve been helping us feed healthy food to Children in Kirklees!


Pasta and Potato bar launch postcard
This postcard is to promote the opening of Pasta and Potato bars in various schools across Kirklees. On the reverse is a popular pasta recipe to encourage and enable parents/guardians to continue their childrens healthy eating at home.


Healthy Eating Certificate
The children will gain stickers each time they order one of their five fruit or vegetables a day from the canteen. When enough stickers have been collected one of these Healthy Eating Certificates will be awarded. We’re thinking of setting up a similar system in our office!

The image shows the Certificate plus a close up of the Congratulations Sticker.


Floor Graphics
Many schools will use signage throughout the school promoting the canteen and it’s healthy food. These floor stickers are just one of the ways they can do this. There are also wall mounted Menu Boards, Theme Boards, and Freestanding Boards available.

Internal Literature
The staff at Kirklees Catering now have all manner of branded internal literature from binders, binder inserts, dividers, corporate stationery and even calendars. This way it is easier for them to organise themselves and the schools.

Binder Cover and Dividers