Susans design work case studied in Rotovision’s book ‘Creating Great Graphic Design To A Budget’

We are proud to announce that Susans design work has been case studied in RotoVision’s latest publication “Creating Great Graphic Design to a Budget” by Scott Witham. We are delighted to have work featured in the book alongside such giants as WPA Pinfold, Music and Traffic.  If you’d like to buy a copy for yourself you can find it here!

“Creating Great Graphic Design To A Budget is a sourcebook of ideas for creating first-rate designs on minimal budgets. It reveals innovative and unexpected ways for designers to cut the costs, but not lose on the quality of their designs. An international showcase of eyecatching and memorable campaigns – all created on tight budgets shows how successful these ideas and techniques can be.

Good designers know that the value of their work is not necessarily tied to it’s production cost. A good idea is a good idea regardless of what money is then thrown at it. Large print budgets can enhance a good idea but they cannot hide a bad one. A great idea will shine, even with a reduced budget “

Here’s a few words about the Author Scott Witham.

“A designer with more than 15 years of agency experience, Scott Witham founded Traffic Design Consultants, where he now works as Creative Director, in 2002. This is his fourth book following Festive Graphics: the art and design of self-promotion (2002), Touch This: graphic design that feels good (2005), and Print and Production Finishes for Promotional Items (2007).”