Carnival Creative – Visual Brand Development

Carnival Creative are a SEO and PPC Design and Development agency based in Huddersfield. After 10 years of agency experience Jackie and Dan “had the awful suspicion that the universe had our own company in store for us and there’d come a day where we’d share an office, a regular pint after work and a vision..”

To help them get their big top up and running they asked Design By If to work with them to create a distinctive visual Identity. The name Carnival Creative gave us an obvious starting point and the visuals developed from there.

The Logo Identity
The logo is simple and versatile, distinctive but clear text with an element of fun.


Business Cards
The business cards are reminiscent of old fashioned show tickets, suggesting you’re in for something extra special! The cards are slightly narrower than the usual business cards making them slightly longer and thinner.


The website, while following the visual elements already created, remains clean, clear and engaging. The latest news scrolls across the top section with the main interest pages set out below, each with a circus themed icon. The site is now fully controlled by Carnival Creative who add/remove/edit the content to their hearts content.

Roll up! Roll up!