Vera Van Heeringen – Album Artwork

Vera van Heeringen is a bluegrass guitarist/singer, originally from Holland but now based in northern Powys, Wales. She plays with The Flatville Aces and toured with Sheryl Cormier, the late Eddie LeJeune and Dirk Powell.

Standing Tall is her debut album and is described as:

‘Delightfully understated and with an assured, timeless grace, Standing Tall is a showcase for van Heeringen’s self-penned songs and virtuoso bluegrass guitar playing.’

Vera asked us at Design By If to create the artwork for her album. With photo’s taken by Vera’s mother back at home we set about creating a striking cover design that would do justice to her music. The crop of the cover image plays on the title ‘Standing Tall’ and that theme is carried throughout the sleeve design with the text set at 90 degrees creating a long and tall effect.

You can buy Vera’s album here.

Album Cover


Album Inner Spread