Sore Fingers Folk School – Logo Identity

Sore Fingers Summer Schools is Europe’s leading organisation for bluegrass and old-time music camps, offering world class tuition for all the instruments played in bluegrass as well as old-time fiddle and banjo, autoharp and singing.

The organisation is planning to expand into U.K. folk as well as their native American roots by starting up Sore Fingers Folk School to run alongside their existing and very successful Bluegrass Summer School. This new venture has been given it’s own identity by Design By If but the project is still ongoing. There will be a website to come and accompanying literature so we’ll keep you posted on progress.

The logo is simple but plays on the old American look with it’s classic layout and bold text. Including the organisations Est date gives the new school the credibility and trust of the founding schools, while the modern green colour brings it up to date.

It was clear that the location was a large part of the summer school’s identity so Kingham Hill School in the Cotswolds became a feature of the wider visual identity appearing in the two larger grey triangles beside the logo. The Logo is surrounded by a geometric pattern of triangles all facing inwards all of varying sizes and some overlapping others. The triangles represent the school house as well as forward movement and progress in a learning environment. The overlapping triangles are symbolic of the new connections and lifelong friendships made at the schools.

Logo Identity

Visual Development