Our Reclaimed Office Community Garden

Inspired by our clients Wibsey Park Community Garden this spring, we asked, and were given permission to use the abandoned space behind our office building to grow our own fruit and vegetables. It’s been an amazing learning curve, but we can now start to see a green tinge to our fingers…

We’ve found lunchtime gardening a refreshing break from screens and a great way to clear our minds, we come back to our desks refreshed and full of ideas! It’s also been amazing to see the space transform from a dull, deserted area to a green and inviting one that people seek out and enjoy. Oh! and food grows there of course!

My personal office garden favourites this year have been sugar snap peas for their tastiness and perpetual spinach for it’s sheer abundance. There are plans afoot for next year including raised beds and greenhouses while the owners of the property have been inspired to create a BBQ and picnic area to further encourage people to use the area. Meetings in the sun next year!

If you’ve done the same in your workplace, we’d love to hear from you to swap hints and tips.

Happy gardening one and all…






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