Choose Kate Rusby’s new Shopper Design!

Exciting times for all you Kate Rusby fans out there… We’ve been beavering away at a little brand update for Kate over the last few months and we’re making a start with some new shopper designs… As it turns out Kate loved all the designs and just couldn’t decide which to go for, after narrowing it down to a shortlist of 3 she decided her fans should make the final decision!

All you have to do is visit Kate Rusby’s facebook page, look at the three choices and ‘like’ and ‘share’ your favourite design… the design with the most likes and shares will be the winner and will be made! Simple!

I’m off to cast my vote now! See you there…
 Helping Small Business in the U.K.

We’ve loved ‘Not On The High Street’ since it started out in 2006, but we didn’t realise just how much their vision is helping small businesses in the U.K. until Handmade By If became a partner this month.

Their aim is simple…

‘to hunt out the most original items from the best creative small businesses, and bring them together in one place’

…and their impact has been huge on designers and makers throughout the U.K. With T.V advertising, extensive digital marketing, catalogues, targeted PR campaigns including billboard advertising on the London Underground, Not On The High Street offers the sort of exposure small businesses can only dream of.

However, possibly the most valuable thing Not On The High Street has provided since we were accepted as partners is the lively and supportive community of small business owners, all in the same boat, swapping experiences, advice and helping each other to grow year on year. Of course, Not On The High Street don’t go away empty handed, they benefit from the creativity of their partners too, but we really admire the ethos of the company. Encouraging businesses to come together and work together, to share, and to achieve more than would be possible alone. This should be celebrated!

We’re having our very own small scale celebration by declaring this Christmas an exclusively Not On The High Street Christmas! All our families and friends this year will be receiving very special, original gifts from Not On The High Street in support of all their good work for small businesses!

If you fancy joining in then here’s a link to our shopfront to get you started!

Handmade By If on Not On The Highstreet

And a few of our handprinted goodies to whet your appetite!

Handmade By If’s Handprinted ‘Pahrompom’ Design Santa Sack



Handmade By If’s Set Of Six Hand Screenprinted Christmas Cards



Here’s more shopping inspiration from one of our favourite sellers, our friends at Modo Creative who have helped encourage us and given us advice along the way. Thanks Modo!

If you’d like to keep up with news and new products from Handmade By If, please like our facebook page where we’ll pop regular news and updates.

Jingle Bells!



Our Reclaimed Office Community Garden

Inspired by our clients Wibsey Park Community Garden this spring, we asked, and were given permission to use the abandoned space behind our office building to grow our own fruit and vegetables. It’s been an amazing learning curve, but we can now start to see a green tinge to our fingers…

We’ve found lunchtime gardening a refreshing break from screens and a great way to clear our minds, we come back to our desks refreshed and full of ideas! It’s also been amazing to see the space transform from a dull, deserted area to a green and inviting one that people seek out and enjoy. Oh! and food grows there of course!

My personal office garden favourites this year have been sugar snap peas for their tastiness and perpetual spinach for it’s sheer abundance. There are plans afoot for next year including raised beds and greenhouses while the owners of the property have been inspired to create a BBQ and picnic area to further encourage people to use the area. Meetings in the sun next year!

If you’ve done the same in your workplace, we’d love to hear from you to swap hints and tips.

Happy gardening one and all…






Kate Rusby Christmas Goodies

Since the spring we’ve been working with Pure Records on Christmas goodies for Kate Rusby so we’re getting quite excited that we’ll soon see some projects back from the printers!

The first is Kate’s new Christmas DVD “Kate Rusby, Live at Christmas” released on the 28th of October. These visuals are all we can show you for now until we get our hands on the finished article… wont be long!



Kate’s Christmas t-shirts will also soon be available to buy so keep an eye on the website for updates! (Detail at the bottom of the back design says: ‘Who comes this way so blithe and gay upon this merry Christmas day…’)




Kate’s Christmas tour dates are on sale now so if you can’t wait to get singing those Christmas carols, book yourself a seat!

There are more projects underway for the new year so we look forward to more food filled meetings with the Rusby family and friends at the Pure cottage.

Is it too early to pop the mulled wine on?

A day screenprinting with Handmade By If

As you may be aware, we’ve recently launched our new little sister company, Handmade By If!

Handmade By If has been set up to create our own hand printed products. So far you can find art prints, greetings cards and party invites. We’re bursting with ideas so to keep up with news please ‘like’ our new Handmade By If facebook page.

We also have a little online shop, here, so please browse to your hearts content!

It’s amazing to be physically creating the designs we twiddle with for hours over a computer screen. It gets us off our bums, away from the computers and into an ink stained pinny.

We wouldn’t be able to have all this fun if it wasn’t for the West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield, who’s screen printing facilities we use. They are an open access print facility with screen print, etching, lino and collography equipment. They have a year long programme of workshops, gallery space (currently showing David Hockney’s Grimms Fairytales prints), artist studios and even a shop. Make sure you drop in and support them if you can.

Here’s a quick little image diary ‘a day in the print workshop with Handmade By If’

1) Preparing the artwork ready for exposing the screen. The artwork must be seperated into the different colours and set in black onto clear acetate.



2) After the screen has been exposed and cleaned we pop it in the drying room. Meanwhile we mix up some lovely colours!



3) Here’s the exposed and dried screen all set up on the vacuum table ready for printing. Yellow goes first…



4) And here are the first colour prints!



5) Now for some pink! (After washing the yellow off and drying the screen again)



6) Drying the pink prints…



7) Lining up the gray so that it prints in the right place!



8) Here they all are, printed and drying on the racks… What a productive day!



9) And finally… here’s the finished products. All dressed and framed!




If you think this looks like fun then make a visit to West Yorkshire Print Workshop and book yourself on a course!

If you’d like to buy one of these lovely prints then please go to our online shop.