The ones that got away!

Design projects are a bit like icebergs, the finished work you see represents only a fraction of the ideas and concepts that have been considered and worked up over a period of time.

Despite it being a very productive and creative phase it’s inevitable that most of the work created early on will not be seen by anyone other than the designer and their client. Well not anymore! In this post we’d like to show off some of our work that would never otherwise see the light of day.

Most of the work below shows alternative logo concepts to existing projects you can see in our portfolio.


Sorefingers Folk School and Bluegrass School (2012)
See the existing project



Wireless Grid Corporation (2010)
See the existing project






Wibsey Park Community Garden (2012)
After this initial phase, the word ‘Park’ was added to the name.
See the existing project




22 Minds Letterpress Business Card (2012)






The Yorkshire Deli (2011)







Susan’s (2010)
See the existing project