20% off for Green / Eco / Ethical Companies!

We’re looking to expand our network locally, particularly towards green and ethical companies or organisations. To help promote this we’re offering 20% off all design work to green / eco / ethical companies until the end of July this year! Yes, wow indeed!

As some of you will already know, we’ve worked with a number of local charities, community groups and organisations locally over the last couple of years, such as Bradford Community Environment Project (BCEP), Wibsey Park Community Garden, Bradford Environmental Action Trust (BEAT), Why Waste and Annie Berrington at Get Out More Forest School CIC. We really enjoy getting to know the people and projects and get great satisfaction from working with them.

We don’t like to blow our own trumpets so here’s what Annie Berrington at Get Out More CIC had to say about the work we carried out for her last year.

If you think we could help you or you know someone who would benefit from our special offer before the end of June then please get in touch or share this post!

Thank you!

Springtime Music Making

Springtime seems to be a productive time for musicians. I guess they must hibernate over the winter nurturing all their creative talents ready for an influx of new album releases in the spring, just in time for the summer festival season?

This spring we’ve had the pleasure of working with Lady Maisery on their latest release. The artwork is all done, checked, double checked and should now be getting itself ready for pressing… here’s a sneaky preview of the beautiful cover!

We first worked with the Radio 2 Folk Award nominated trio on their debut album ‘Weave and Spin’ back in 2011 so we’re pleased that they chose to work with us again on their latest release ‘Mayday’. The album is a collection of stories about different human struggles. Many are warnings, often lamenting personal tragedies, whilst others reveal the determination of the human spirit and the persistence of life.

The band are having a launch event for the album where you will be able to buy pre-release copies at special prices… This will be on the 15th May at St Pancras Old Church, London. Get yourself down there!

The artwork reflects the content of the album, and with it’s weird mix of danger and celebration it has quite a unique look! It’s been a special treat to work with the illustrations of Joel Stewart on this project.

The ones that got away!

Design projects are a bit like icebergs, the finished work you see represents only a fraction of the ideas and concepts that have been considered and worked up over a period of time.

Despite it being a very productive and creative phase it’s inevitable that most of the work created early on will not be seen by anyone other than the designer and their client. Well not anymore! In this post we’d like to show off some of our work that would never otherwise see the light of day.

Most of the work below shows alternative logo concepts to existing projects you can see in our portfolio.


Sorefingers Folk School and Bluegrass School (2012)
See the existing project



Wireless Grid Corporation (2010)
See the existing project






Wibsey Park Community Garden (2012)
After this initial phase, the word ‘Park’ was added to the name.
See the existing project




22 Minds Letterpress Business Card (2012)






The Yorkshire Deli (2011)







Susan’s (2010)
See the existing project




Our local and ethical pledge

In the autumn of 2010, after 3 and a half years in Huddersfield Media Centre, we decided to move the business closer to home in Bradford. As part of this move we took the opportunity to make a pledge to ourselves to expand our network locally, particularly towards ethical companies and organisations. We wanted to help people doing good work and helping to improve the local area in some way.

Since then we’ve worked with a number of local charities, community groups and organisations mainly in Bradford but all in West Yorkshire. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know the people involved and learning more about the projects they are setting up and running. We’re very proud that we’ve been able to help them in some way and are looking forward to helping with more good local work in the future.

Here are a few of the Organisations we’ve worked with since 2010:

BCEP – Bradford Community Environment Project
Wibsey Park Community Garden
BCEP – enewsletter design, build and set up

BEAT – Bradford Environmental Action Trust
Why Waste enewsletter design

Make It Happen Club
A club led and for young people based in Huddersfield who want to make good things happen. Design brief workshop, logo creation, poster, postcard and sticker design for various events. See work.

Womenzone – Shalwar Kameez Heritage Project
A heritage project  based on the Shalwar Kameez. Gathering stories about the Shalwar Kameez from local South Asian women who migrated from their homeland to live and work in Bradford. We created an illustration and flier design to invite people to share their stories and to take part in the project.

Get Out More – Forest School for all ages
Visual brand development, website design and build, banner and stationery design. See work.


Homemade Business Cards

We’ve been making our own business cards out of old packaging, Christmas cards, birthday cards and prints that went wrong. No two are alike which is smashing, and we save the planet too, which is splendid!